Friday, March 13, 2009


157 names on the books at the hall and no calls for Monday.My unemployment account has been straightened out and my account credited , but I have yet to get my debit card...the website says I should receive it by the 17th. On a related note , I read an article about unemployment in Penn. , there you have the option of waiting 10 days for a check or getting a debit card right away. What they don't tell you about are the fees attached to that card until you get it.
My understanding is that the card is the only option here in Texas and it makes me wonder if the workforce commission is in cahoots with Chase bank regarding the fees.
It's still shitty outside , but on a high note , I got to have lunch with Carolyn who was in from out of state today. You may recall that she is my first wife from when I was a wee lad and now a dear friend. It was a short visit , but it was nice to see her and visit. I really value having that connection.
I'm looking at a very busy weekend...I hope I can fit it all in.

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