Monday, March 02, 2009


The rodeo has been sitting in the driveway for so long the battery has died.Plus I realized I need to file for my unemployment benefits tomorrow and that's kind of hard to do in the woods.
So the revised plan is to get up early tomorrow,file for benefits,get a jump for the rodeo and pack up my stuff.
This is a budget trip mind you , but I got some cool stuff last night for cheap. A 5 dollar led lantern, a 4 dollar hobo utensil kit , a waterproof match container for .86 cents.My tent was 20 bucks and my bag was under 10.My biggest expense was batteries...for the lantern , the camera and the MP3

L to R : maglite , the "gypsy" ( in lieu of uncle henry who is currently MIA ), hobo utensil kit ,MP3 loaded to the hilt with tunes , LED lantern , waterproof match box , pocket size high capacity 9mm semi auto pistol with extra clip , grenade bag (sans grenades ).
To save money I got a table top hibachi grill rather than a stove.
You know , for all my "manliness" (for lack of a better term ) I'm really kind of nervous about be alone in the woods for several days while on the one hand is exciting and adventurous it's also kind of scary.
While I can say unequivocally I'm not afraid of the dark I am afraid of what lurks in it...real and imagined. I've always prided myself on being a fully realized person.Confident and sure of myself , but I am haunted by something my mom once said to me long ago "you know just enough to make you dangerous".
Is this some sort of mid life crisis?
Maybe it is , but at least I didn't buy a gay ass red sporty car and run away with the secretary. I'm going camping instead.
So...again...I'll see you in a week.
Starting tomorrow.
I'll have my girl with me

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