Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'd be thrilled except it's raining as well :(.At least I get to wear my beanie I bought awhile back. On the unemployment front , I answered a question "no" when it should of been "yes" and that sent the wheels of the work force commission to a grinding halt and has delayed my benefits by a week...I'll get them all , just later than I had hoped.But I'm approved for 52 weeks. Knowing my luck I will get a call from the hall before I can really take advantage of the benefit. But truth be told , I'd rather be out on a job...I love hanging out with my doggies , but working is much better for me.
On the food front I made some awesome turkey salad last night and created a new treat that I haven't come up with a name for yet , but according to Ann they are awesome. You take a slice of honey wheat bread and cut of the crust , spread a thin layer of jelly and top that with a slice of cheese , fold in half , pinch edges together , dip in an egg wash and fry like you would french toast.Sprinkle with powdered sugar and there you have it.I may call it a rob-yay.Ha :)

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