Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to a day party at the scoot inn with my on again off again friend and got to see Dixie Witch , Easy Action , ancestor and Zoroaster (who fucking ruled so much I bought their CD).Some crazy ass englishman gave me a free T shirt (see picture).It was awesome. I had such a good time and saw some old friends from back in the day.And a sea of the tattooed unwashed that is the heavy metal crowd working the road today.It was a reminder of why I love music in the first place.
I ended up at a bachelor party for a friend of mine's was a back yard BBQ...very laid back and no strippers ( :) ) or wax recreations of vulva ( :( ).But it was cool because I was with one of my best friends.
On the way home we saw this fucking chair that I had seen earlier in the day and I made him go back for a perfectly good stodgy old person rocking recliner. I love it .
I could complain about my life right now...but I have friends and a very jamming life.I have no complaints currently :P.

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