Monday, March 23, 2009


It's time to blow the dust off the grill...and tonight I did just that and grilled burgers glazed with mustard and hamburger deluxe rub. We stayed out on the porch until the allergens flying around chased us indoors.Irene was in heaven...she loves her porch time. from this to this...on toasted ciabatta with american cheese...miracle wipe and catsup with ruffles...dig it.
I went to another unofficial SXSW function yesterday right down the road from my house.This has been a den of Austin music since I was a kid and the armadillo days and all that.It was like a time warp.I've seen the outside of this place for years...the giant red neon Wizard of Oz shoe on the side of the "barn" always intrigued me.It was Bluegrass and R&B and Blues and that kind of bluesy rock that is uniquely Austin.
I was invited so I went and brought a giant crock pot of Carne Guisada for the door discount and I saw my friends from back in the day who I knew were there and I saw many folks that looked vaguely familiar.I couldn't remember the names,but I remembered faces and that vibe...a warmth of people who have been together for a long time. What an amazing backyard!Just steps from my very own was like I was transported to the armadillo beer garden for a few hours.Only now we are old ,but somehow those same free spirits that coalesced at that wonderful place back in time. It was gratifying. And let it be said that 7 pounds of Carne was consumed in less than an hour ! Wow...I didn't get any of it save the juice on some rice so I made another small batch today.God damn that shit rules.
A back yard full of old hippies and their kids and grand kids locked in a time warp.
But what an awesomely sweet warp it was.

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