Sunday, November 02, 2008


First,I found this this motherfucker is funny.

Then Irene and I went to the grocery...
I scored some serious shit.
And part of that shit was this...a really cool halloween flashlight marked down from 7.99 to 2.25...the tag on it said the batteries were included,but it didn't light up...
At check out I pointed this out and the fact that the battery door was held in by a screw,so there was no way for me to check I get the cat for 2.25 and i get the 2 C batteries (4.99) for free.And as you can see,it works just fine.I'm gonna put it in my tool bag and the next guy that asks me for a flashlight is getting this...I can't wait.
I talked to Special K today for well over an hour and then Chuck for well over an hour.We had queso and lil' smokies for dinner.
Beat that.

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