Friday, November 14, 2008


The set was great...they just keep getting better.There was a dog at the club,and as it turned out,it belonged to the other girl singer in the band and her boyfriend.She met me at the gate on the way in. What's special about this is she was Irene's twin...the face (minus the grey), the ears, the disposition.It was awesome.She kept coming around for pets through the set...I have an affinity for dogs - and really drunk big girls apparently.
This girl came up to me and asked me to dance with her. I tried to decline and the following exchange occurred...
Fat chick: "Come dance with me"...
Me:"uhh,no thank you...I don't dance,I have 2 left feet".
FC:"C' with me"...
Me:"No really"...
FC: "give me a sip"... (of my drink...)
Me: "Please,just leave me alone..."
FC: "Can I slap you"?
Me: "Only if I can hit you back" (insert "don't fuck with me face" here)
She gave me a gentle slap and moved on then I jumped up and knocked her ass out (just kidding )
A few minutes later she was dancing with this androgynous chick (read-lesbian) when this little dyke dressed exactly like me ( but she had the wallet chain ) got in between them and busted up the party.
Amazing stuff.
Sometimes Austin is too weird for it's own good.As soon as the set was over,I chatted a bit and headed home.
I was glad to get here.

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