Saturday, November 15, 2008


I was at the HEB for stuck up yuppie's earlier this week, shopping in the "chef prepared" aisle searching for something for my migraine deflicted honey to have for dinner. I got her an awesome looking garden salad,a muffaletto and some potato and leek soup.I also found some locally produced honey dijon peppercorn dressing.
Score...but what did I want?
I found a "chef prepared" shepard's pie and went with that.It was all very good.The one exception was the pie was loaded with peas (which I couldn't see,they were hiding under the mashed potatoes) I hate peas.
But I ate it anyway, and it was very good, but I knew instantly I could make a better one.
So tonight I did.
1/2 pound ground sirloin,1/2 pound ground pork,celery,onions and shoepeg corn.
Yukon gold potatoes on the boil...Salt, pepper and savory spice
Add some brown gravy to the meat and simmer,quarter stick of butter and some heavy whipping cream to the yukons...
...and there you have it...

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