Friday, November 07, 2008


Well,here we are again.I can't remember being so happy to walk off the job site as I was today. It was a confounding week, I made mistakes, simple things became monumental tasks, someone tried to kill me with a ladder.
I'm not sure why it went down like that but I have some theories.
We are using a tremendous amount of MC cable on this project,it has to be run through studs,studs come with holes to accommodate this, the framers are not bothering to line up the holes.That means I have to drill holes,sometimes through 4 or even 6 studs back to back,that requires using multiple drills and drill accessories.
I fucking hate MC cable.
Today was not so went by quickly without too much bullshit.
I guess I'm lucky to have spent all this time in this trade and can count my shitty weeks on less than one hand.
Next week will be better.
Got the baby shower this Sunday...:)

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