Thursday, November 20, 2008


At 11:30 at night , because you will be greeted by this , and I won't be smiling.

That's my new kilt and jungle boots...
I realized late in the evening that I had nothing to wear for work , so I got an outfit together and washed it.I was waiting to put it in the dryer when I heard a faint knocking at the door.It was enough to set the dogs off and since no one comes here unannounced (especially that late at night) and the incidents of burglary and home invasions are up in this neighborhood (thanks rich assholes from out of state who have built macmansions on lots making us a target of the thugs living in the project right down the road) I got my shotgun out of the closet and racked in a round from behind the door in the picture.
In response I heard "Oh shit" and recognized the voice of my new neighbor.I opened the door and he saw my lights were on and wondered if I wanted to smoke a joint with him.I told him I didn't smoke and he complimented me on my choice of shotguns and went home.
On a more serious note...Here's Irene being her cute little self...

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