Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Shittiest day ever for me in my time as an electrician (except the day I got electrocuted).
Obama is our president elect and that's a very good thing,even though I stayed up very late watching the talking heads,I woke up refreshed and still feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.I've always thought Bush was a weaselly bastard since he was gub'ner here in Texas and I hate him. I focused on this hate through his reign as emperor and it didn't occur to me until last night that he was also responsible for the pervasive sense of dread that has followed me around for his two "terms".
I hope he burns in hell along with the rest of those scumbags.
At work today I heard a variety of comments,most of them positive but these four stand out (and are not positive,which is hard to believe considering union guys are almost always democrats-I guess democrat doesn't negate racist)
Comment one: "I guess it's officially ok for me to say nigger out loud now"
Comment two: "Do you think Obama will pardon Micheal Vick"?
Comment three: "Anybody of his family members that get in trouble with the law will get a pass".
Comment four: "Fried chicken, watermelon and sweet potato pie-that's what's on the menu at the white house now".
Rednecks,you got to love them - maybe they were joking...
I had a five foot run of pipe with two back to back 90's that kicked my ass all morning.The bends were fine,but the overall length was a bit short,the were obstacles all around and window installers underneath me ( I was doing this from atop a 12 foot ladder ). With some help from one of my brothers I finally prevailed though.Then there was a material delivery of 10 foot lengths of 3" PVC pipe that had to be carried to the basement...35 of them,with only 4 of our 7 person crew off loading down a narrow stairwell,one stick at a time.There was 350 feet in total...8 trips up and down the stairs each give or take.On trip 4 I twisted my ankle.
Not a good day.Lunch (and my stress level and the hot sauce involved ) gave me the worst heart burn I've had in a long time,and other trades kept getting in my fucking way or placing material in my way.
I am unphased however,and I know tomorrow will be better.
And,I get to close the night with a new Sons of Anarchy.
So it's not a total wash.

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