Sunday, November 23, 2008


We both woke up this morning with bad sinus voodoo.I lazed around in the bed with the dogs till the last possible minute watching Con Air and then went and replaced a friends pond pump...a must do commitment because I said I would and there were fish on the line.
I got back from that and we decided to forgo the benefit at the Continental club for Xalapeno Austin icon/friend of Austin music restaurateur from back in the day.I've known Charlie for years and years...he's got a throat full of barbed wire and a heart of gold,so it's really cool that local musicians (that he supported wholeheartedly) would rally up and do a benefit for him because he is ill.

That is so cool , and I'm sorry we couldn't be a part of it.I'm sure it was a raging success.
Now it's into a short week and then 4 days off in a row!!!Turkey!Ham!Stuffing!Green bean casserole! And gravy...don't forget the gravy...Hoo Weee!

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