Friday, November 28, 2008


We did the usual thing and went to Ann's folks house for lunch.Ate like feral hogs and then set out for the city of Lockhart with an ice chest full of food for the new parents with Irene in tow so she could have a walk with Joaquin.Irene has only been on one other long range recon, and that was last year to Waco...considerably farther away than Lockhart.She did great, perched on the console staring out the windshield in doggie awe.I think she was especially digging going for a ride with dad and mom.She did well with Joaquin until he tried to hump her (which is strange because she is fixed and he is too...must be that evolution thing) She put his ass in his place right quick and that was the end of that,but it didn't prevent him from treating her like a high hurdle...very amusing.He is a fucking spaz.
Anyway,we had a nice visit with the kids and then headed home in the dark.Which kind of freaked Irene out...she was perched on the console again but her eyes were bigger somehow and there were more kisses.She was very happy to get home.

Proud Dad...but enough about's the current proud dad...

Today I went to Reds indoor shooting range with my buddy Clark,who just got his dream rifle...he's been talking about this thing for months,and for good fucking rules.The range was choked with hunters getting ready for the annual bambi slaughter, sighting in rifles that sounded like howitzers rattled me and made an 11 or so year old cry from fear.The weapon in question was between us and the kid,and when it fired you could feel the shock wave.Poor deer.I feel sorry for them.It was strange being in a den of the tattooed hippy decoy and his black buddy, certainly not hunters based on the firearms we had in tow.That's right,people fucking stared.I only took one picture.

But you can imagine, right?
And I leave you with this the lyrics.

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