Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When Skeeter died , everyone , including me...pushed Ann to get back in the saddle with another dog. As it happened , my vet had a new batch of puppies and I talked Ann into meeting them. Theo nuzzled into her hair and that was it. He came home with us - I mean her.
He didn't like me very much for years...which is understandable as all of the techs at our vet were women, and it was highly likely that it was a guy that ditched him and his brothers and sisters on the side of the road.
Guys...fucked up ones anyway, do that kind of shit.
I tried really hard to win him over for years, and while he was cool with me for walks and dinner and treats there was a standoffishness that prevailed. I have to say that when he got to be full grown ( 90 or so pounds and taller than me ) I was afraid of him. And he knew that somehow, and played it to his advantage.
He never bit me, but he menaced me on several occasions.
Sullivan, on the other hand , I think was afraid of me at first...he came from the same clinic, but I knew a bit more about the previous owner and I understood.He never bit me either,but the vibe was very different.
Now, Sullivan is long the ground that I pounded with my fists and screamed like a banshee at his passing...he loved me and I him.
But Theo is still here...almost 14 years old, old and grumpy and frail.
Something happened - I don't even really remember when , I think he was about 7 years old. But Theo decided I was OK. It's like he made peace or something.
And I'm glad about that.He drives me crazy with his demands for attention,for food, for water, but he is my dog now too...he has been for some years,but time brings us closer.I can feel it.He never leaves the house save the back yard...too grumpy and unpredictable, but mark my words.
Before he leaves us we will have a winter walk in the woods.
I owe him that at least.
I'm just sayin'...

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