Friday, November 14, 2008


Several months ago I ordered this from Work clothes and more, the local Dickies clothing store in my neighborhood...

Well, they called me today and left a message that it was in.It had been so long that while I remember ordering it,I had forgotten what it looked like.
It may seem kind of silly, but I'm really proud of being months away from sitting for my journeyman's license exam and I feel like an electrician.
I was never compelled to buy a buckle that said social worker or pool nigga (that one I would have bought!).
I'm off to see The lost soul review...via cab,no sense in risking a bust for DUI.There is a new law in town that says if you refuse a breath test they can still bust you and get a court order on the spot for a blood draw.Fucking unconstitutional if you ask me,but what are they gonna do to stem drunk driving incidents?
It is Friday after all,and I've had a few,so the cab makes sense.

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