Sunday, November 02, 2008

Good riddance DST
Daylight saving time has ended and now I get to spend the next several weeks getting adjusted to everything being off by an hour again. I hate DST, but if I want to avoid it I have to move to either Hawaii or Arizona. Or I could ditch the job and figure out a way to make a living doing something that isn't structured by the damn clock. I've always thought that one ought to wake up when they have rested enough, eat when they are hungry and go to sleep when they are tired - screw alarm clocks and lunch hours. The only time I ever seem to avoid the clock is when I go camping. There's something about being on vacation at home or in the city or at the beach that keeps the clocks in the picture. Maybe it's because clocks are still everywhere, catching my eye. Not so if I'm off somewhere camping where the only clock is the sun and the rumble of my stomach when I'm hungry. I've never thought about it before, but that's probably why I love to go camping so much. I guess it's not so much DST that's my problem, but clocks in general. Maybe that's why no watch has ever worked for any length of time on my wrist. They do just fine setting on the dresser, but stick one on my wrist and after a few days it will run fast, run slow, stop completely or even lose parts of it's LED numbers if it's a digital watch. I am apparently just not compatible with this modern version of keeping time (I have no problem with sundials.)

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