Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dreaming of carrots
Depending on who you talk to, it might be carrot planting time in my neck of the woods. Or not. It all depends on who you talk to. I'd always heard January was the best time around here until I started looking around on the internet. One source said September which would actually work in those years where we cool off early and stay cooled off. I suspect a September crop of carrots would be pretty hit or miss, but considering you are only out a bit of seed if the weather stays warm it's probably worth giving it a try. Either way, I missed that date and I'll be missing the other suggested date of November. Yes, yes, it's just now November, but the planter I have in mind for the carrots isn't ready yet because I was planning on January. You see, we have two stock tanks that are 2 X 4 feet that used to be ponds. Rob came up with the idea to turn them into planters and put them in the front yard and plant cactus in them to liven up our otherwise drab front lawn. I decided I'd rather grow something to eat in them which means they still have to go on the front lawn for the sun and to heck with landscaping aesthetics - I want some home grown food. Maybe he'll forgive me for co-opting his planters if I plant him some cucumbers in May.

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