Thursday, November 13, 2008


On this job,the foreman and I and a long time crew mate almost always go to lunch together.We almost always go to one of the many mexican restaurants that are nearby,but we also share a love of chinese food.
So once or twice a week we hit Mandarin on Oltorf.The lunch special is a great deal...soup,egg roll and entree for under 10 bucks.And while the service is sometimes shaky,the food is always very good.
Yesterday was chinese day...I got the chicken with mushrooms and it was fucking awesome.
As is always the case,I had to ask for a box.Of which I would partake of when I got home.I love an after work snack...hell,I love asian food cold for breakfast! But it was not to be.
On the way back to the job site, I tripped on a sprinkler head and my snack went flying to the ground...eggroll,fried rice and the yummy chicken and mushrooms scattered for the grackles and squirrels to enjoy.
Today there was no group lunch...and I had the car.So I went back to Mandarin and had the same thing,and managed not to dump my leftovers in the parking lot.
Who says we don't control our destinies?
Yay!!!Tomorrow is friday!!!8 more hours then 48 hours of freedom :)

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