Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Preparations for this Sunday's BBQ and Barndance continue in semi earnest.I have been contacting folks and providing directions and kind of half assed putting together the menu with the other principals and some of the guests.So...if our karma around gigs/parties holds true it should work out just fine.
I'm a little concerned about the set list-we are either on or we aren't and we haven't practiced regularly,plus,we have a new guy running our board-either way it goes it should be interesting at least,and the food will kick ass.
It's gonna be so cool to see Wendy and reunite with all the people who say they will be there-there may even be some dancing girls!Not strippers,mind you,but girls who are dancers in shows and revues-I have my fingers crossed on that one.
Should be a hoot.

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