Sunday, December 12, 2004


Back when I was working in CSO at the treatment center I worked the sunday day shift, alternating 7-3 and 9-3. One of the "percs" was brunch. So, we'd mosey on over to the cafe and partake of a breakfast buffet passed out by the loveable cafe(pronounced "caff") ladies. Curiously, there was always "hotdish" available. It consisted of noodles, a usually unidentifiable "sauce" some veggies left over from saturday and chicken chunks or ground beef. Sometimes, though rarely, there was tuna. Imagine tuna cassarole with your pancakes...yum!
The cafe lady apparently in charge of pushing the hotdish was Clarice...if you looked up Clarice in the dictionary or did a google image search, you would find her picture. She was impossibly skinny, with bad teeth , funky glasses and sported the beehive she probably had when she was in high school. It was impossible to acurately pin an age on Clarice, she was probably in her late 40's, early 50's...I couldn't say for sure, but it's a safe bet she spent alot of time in the honky tonks of east Texas, or where ever she hailed from. There was something endearing about old Clarice though, she was a likable soul. And she was consistant. Every sunday,without fail, she would ask the same question over and over in that bad tooth east texas (?) twang..."Ya wan sum HOTDEESH?
And if you said yes, she would cheerfully plop some in a bowl and hand it over with a smile.
Hotdish...damn...the memories.
Have a good sunday.

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