Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Where I work there are lots of birds and squirrels. Currently, they are chasing each other around engaging in the dance that is spring. The urge to procreate. It's very amusing.
Considering the thousands of people that have milled about every spring for generations, the animals that call campus home are oblivious to humans and carry on like we are part of the natural landscape. And being a keen observer of life on all levels, this thrills me to no end.
There's also a lot of glass doors and windows, and in the case of birds and their sexual proclivities, there's a fair amount of high speed air chases between hilarious ground displays before they do the deed and get down to the business of nest building. Sometimes the chase ends abruptly when they crash into one of the aforementioned windows or doors.
This morning I spied 2 little birds on the entry to the building we're working in. One was prone, face down, dead. the other was sitting directly across, completely stunned. I don't know what kind of birds they were, but they were beautiful. Eyes masked in black around the head, but the eyes were rimmed in white, bright red pin feathers on the edge of the wings and yellow and blue and white pin feathers in the tail. The overall color was a kind of nutmeg brown.They were small, built for speed.
I picked up the dead one and considered the trashcan nearby, but opted to place it in the ground cover instead. I crouched down by the stunned one and waved my hand in front of his face. I say his because I surmised the dead one hit the glass door first and he crashed into her, since in the bird world the boys chase the girls for the most part. I rolled my index finger under him until he climbed onto my finger, and I brought him in for a closer look. He didn't budge. I put him back down and went to work.
When we came out for break almost 2 hours later, he was still there. This time he climbed onto my finger and flapped his wings a bit and then shit on my finger and flew feebly 8 or so feet to take rest in a small tree. At lunch he was in the same spot. At afternoon break he was gone. My journeyman laughed and said maybe I had cured him.
Maybe I did...after all, spring is in the air and I've always had a way with animals. Nah... I don't have that kind of magic. Do I?

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