Saturday, April 18, 2009

After the less than satisfying hike this morning I was determined to give the grrrls a nice hiking experience , so we went to Twin falls.
We had to jump the gate , but it was worth it. I suspect they close the trails after heavy rains for a couple of reasons - one , if the creek is raging you could drown. But in this case I think it was to prevent bikes from routing out the trails , I came to that conclusion because the creek was still dry , save for some pockets of water , even after the heavy rains...we are in serious drought.
I spotted this really cool stump and almost walked away from it. The striations look kind of like a daisy.
Irene on the rocks...
Layla smells something interesting...
the grrrls on the trail.
mossy branch.
Mission accomplished I think :)

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