Sunday, April 26, 2009


Say hello to Black Donald.
Relaxing after a bad ass hike in the hill country.
I made Ann a birds nest breakfast...
Garnished...or rather slathered in queso and flaked cheddar.
I made Ann 2 mound gardens for her to grow some squash...
I watched these 2 little birds making a nest in our fan , they ignored me-and the was fun watching them.
I wore the dogs out this morning...Irene declined the offer of a ride (she never does that) and Layla promptly fell asleep on the way to home depot and i had to wake her up when we got home.
It's only 6 and I'm ready for bed already, but I have laundry to do before the big day tomorrow.
I've enjoyed my time off and I'll miss all the free time , but it's been long enough.

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