Thursday, April 09, 2009


When I was on the hike and bike the other day and had both girls leashed up , I was walking along and I had this flash of The Jonny quest cartoon when I was a kid...the intro...right at 00:35 on the video...the dragons on made me smile.

We went to Stacy Park this morning for what turned out to be a short walk. There's an elementary school right next door and it was recess...apparently some parents neglect to tell their kids it's a really stupid idea to charge at 2 dogs that outweigh you by 10 pounds screaming like a tard. Though he may have been a tard...This group of 4 was separated from the seething mass of children and had 2 adults supervising them. I tried to get out of the way to no avail. But the staff present reeled the errant tard in before Irene could rip his throat out.
Later on in the day , we hung out on the porch and made chili cheese dogs and listened to music...
porch lights...:)
Irene likes her ottoman when the sun goes down. She amazes me with her self discipline and her protective nature.I have fallen asleep out on the porch with her for hours and she stays right by me . I am lucky to have such a good friend.
And here is our Layla...she's on a run because I don't trust her yet out front without it. This little girl is hella smart and I see great things down the line. She is my shadow...and Irene seems to be OK with me having a Goombah...
Just a note to close this 5:30 this morning a gnat flew into my right ear and did a face plant into my ear drum and then proceeded to buzz hysterically until I killed him with a Q-tip and a flush of sterile water. And tonight while i was shutting down the porch operation a june bug (it's fucking April...come on)! flew in from nowhere and dotted my eye.
Fucking bugs.
P.S. : DF...I hold you in my heart.

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