Tuesday, April 07, 2009


This is on the way to Cambell's Hole...as you can see many dogs and bicycles have pounded their names in the trail...some of the bicyclists have another name , and that name is asshole. We encountered an asshole on the way out who rode right up on us like he was playing chicken or something...turning off at the last minute...I called him a fuckhead and he stopped briefly and our eyes met and then he rode away without saying a word. I really wish he would have started some shit out there in the woods. I would have shoved my pistol in his face and asked him if he really wanted to die on this trail today or maybe gain some respect for pedestrians instead. He would have shit in his pants!
This is also on the way to Cambell's hole which to my amusement this morning rhymes with camel toe , and while it's a cool place and all it cannot rival a good toe...if you know what I mean :)
And here we are at the actual hole...I was all fired up about going for a swim with the dogs but as you can see the bitch is bone dry.We are in the middle of the hole.We should be neck deep in water but no such luck.
here they are on the trail to the dry hole.
And then we found these mushrooms...dude!we are tripping balls right now :) Just foolin' - they are concrete statuary on the hike and bike on town lake...typical Austin.
After Bull Creek we ventured to auditorium Shores (which is now called the impossibly gay "ladybird park" named after LBJ's wife who was a champion of wild places...so I guess that's cool) . I imposed on a walker to take our picture in front of the statue of Stevie Ray.Those are his knees.
And now we are home...and both girls are fast asleep...I am heading for a nap...now.

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