Friday, April 17, 2009


And apparently it's not over yet...more to come later tonight. Me and the Grrrls ventured out only to the store for smokes and coffee around noon and then again around 4ish for deli meat for grilled sandwiches.
We spent the bulk of the day watching TV until a giant bolt of thunder killed the even made me jump it was so close...Layla does not like thunder.But she was responsive to hugs and reassurance and did not freak.
Some outlying areas got almost 7 inches of rain and there was hail involved as well...but here we just got heavy rain and thunder and lightning.
I got a bit of the cabin fever having gotten used to heading out early for parts unknown with the dogs...we were going to the Williamson creek east greenbelt this morning until the rain nixed it for us.
It's looking like tomorrow holds more of the same and we really need it , so I can deal , but Sunday promises to be nice , so we'll get out then.
Layla has integrated herself into the family in short order...everyone loves her and she is my shadow. She is a perfect fit.
Off to movie land:)

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