Sunday, April 26, 2009


Gonna take the girls for a sunrise run at Bull...that place is so awesome in the dawn. No one else is there. It's like the park is ours. A final freedom day before I go to work as a pool guy tomorrow.
But before I do that I have to separate and consolidate my tools. You acquire lots of tools in 5 years of electric work and I certainly don't need them all to do the pool thing...but I need to find the rest of my open / box end wrenches and put together a comprehensive set of sockets.
I hate getting up this early , but I was on the cot last night because of the Ann honking , If I could invent a guitar pedal that mimicked her cadence I would :)...and while it's kind of like camping , the most campingist part of it is it's fucking sleep well , just not so long.
So it's off to the shower and then off to the Bull and then down to the business of pool niggarin'. :0


We did have the place to can see the rest of the magic at Irene, Layla and to the right.

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