Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Oink - oink - Blarf!

Real threat ? Or just an orchestrated distraction employed by the Obama administration and the "liberal media" ? If you watch the major news (cable or otherwise) that's what they want you to believe . One way or the other...they report and you decide what line of horse shit you want to buy into.
Fuck them and fuck that...I heard a thing on the radio today talking about the why's and whereto fores of people in "foreign" countries dying from it while us 'mericuns are just having the flu...puking and shitting a lot but not dying. And then I see this headline about a kid who died in Texas ...turns out he was a Mexican national visiting fuck you again media.
The CDC and the WHO have been fairly straightforward in saying they don't really know what's going to happen as this thing runs it's course...and I appreciate that , because we don't know. But the media is busily trying to whip everyone up into a frenzy about it , and effectively distract us from the other more important things happening in the world , like that beauty queen from California that hates gay marriage...or the "tot mom" case...(Nancy Grace needs to be put out of our misery post haste).Or all of these people who are killing their families and themselves because the economy is so bad...or maybe the economy. Or the wars...yeah WARS that are raging.
But lately it's been all about that dumpy cat lady who can sing...and swine flu.
You have to laugh or lose your fucking mind.

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