Friday, April 10, 2009


Hard shelled flying beetles that are an incredible annoyance.And occur earlier and earlier every year. I'm sure global warming has nothing to do with that.

They somehow manage to get in the house or fly crazily around outdoor lights like kamikaze's.
I hate them...the turtles won't eat them and they are ugly.
A funny thing happened tonight...I was on the porch talking to a friend when suddenly the air burst into the sound of automatic weapons fire...sustained fire. I got off the phone and called 911...and of course they are slow to respond so I took my mosberg and crept into the backyard and located the source.I yelled over the fence and asked them what in the fuck were they doing...they responded with "we're shooting paintball guns". I said I called the cops on your ass because that's just not fucking cool...they responded with "you aren't fucking cool" and I responded with I've got you trained in my which point they shined a light on me and I asked if they could see it. Someone said "Dude , he's got a real gun" and then someone else asked how much cocaine I had done tonight and I responded with fuck you...I don't do that...what you are doing is not cool , freaking out the neighborhood and all and that they could deal with the cops. They all cleared out at that point. Fucking punks.
Good Friday...yeah right.

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