Thursday, January 25, 2007


I watched the state of the union address the other night until nausea and malaise forced me to abandon it and watch the Vietnam parts of Dead Presidents for the 5000th time.
What a pitiful excuse for a president...I would make a better president, even if I was strung out on meth and suffering from tertiary stage syphillis, because even in that state I would have a firmer grasp on reality and I would tell the truth.Something that bunnypants lost sight of since he emerged from his George Washington looking mamma's gates of hell vagina.
So, here goes...
My fellow americans, We are in a world of shit. Make no mistake about it. On the international front we are seen as suspect, if not dispised by some as a nation of power hungry, war mongoring facists. Militarily, we are stretched paper thin, unable to prevail and unwilling to provide the tools needed to even put up a good fight. We send our sons and daughters to a war that can't be won,into a culture that refuses to be reconstructed that we do not understand...nay, refuse to understand.Yet we continue to rattle our sabres at other countries in the region and expect them to take us if.
Do you think Iran and Syria feel any real threat from us? They are laughing at America like it's broken, thumbing thier noses at us, because we are broken. From the inside out. And speaking of the inside, the middle class is rapidly approaching extinction leaving a caste system of the haves and the have nots. Rich and poor, and the poor better fucking know it...As you know, the democrats have a majority and passed a resolution to increase the minimum wage, which was promptly scuttled by the minority republicans, who added 90 some odd amendments to the original legislation, aimed at helping out the rich, effectively stalling the legislation and probably killing it. "Fuck you middle are out of here...see you on the soup lines". (Soup lines they will control, and it will be watered down to a bland form of nontaste to match your new quality of life...or lack thereof.Emphasis on lack.
So, in summary America, get used to being hated and hungry and lorded over by an elite few who could give a fuck about you and yours.
Goodnight America and pass the oil subsidies.

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