Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Our wire arrived this morning bright and early.Here's half of it...
Here's the other half with some of the pulling crew standing around waiting for the powers that be to decide how it was going from here to the basement.Since the big reels wouldn't fit in the stairwell and they were too heavy to step down the stairwell anyway , The crane operator ended up lowering them down through a hole...I was busy with the tugger at that point and didn't get a chance to take pictures of that.
I was busy installing the supports for the tugger. Here's a wires eye view of it.
And here it is attached to the rack we built to keep it in place.
Here I am feeding the rope to the guys at the other end.235 ft. away.
Here's the other end.
Here's the feeding crew making up the head (connecting the wire to the rope).
Two down , one to go...
On the tugger...This one ended up taking us both pulling on the rope to get it through.With the tugger jumping around like crazy.
Those three pulls took us all day.

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