Saturday, December 06, 2008


Took a beating this week...I had to bandage my thumb to get in and out of my pockets and lace up my boots...
They also managed to make a kick ass brisket...I cheated on the sides and got them from veggie heaven, potatoes, carrots and baby bok choy...You remember that commercial where the nerdy guy in the bad sweater says "My mother makes the best brisket"? Well,she can suck on it...big time.My brisket so totally kicked her briskets ass.
The kids are hypnotized by krispy kream doughnut holes...but who wouldn't be?
I spent my afternoon in a nasty attic reconnecting old (1937 era) cloth covered wire for lighting...thanks to the circuit tracer I borrowed from work it was relatively painless, except for the part about the cramped attic and the old wire and the old blown in insulation and the rat turds.But they now have all the lights back on.Yay me.
Since I was in Hyde Park I stopped by my buddy Jeb's house on the way home for a was a nice cap on the day...they are good people and I wish we spent more time together, but I know the cure for that.
I intend on observing the sabbath tomorrow-if you know what I mean.

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