Friday, December 26, 2008


That led me to here...the fucking emergency room of South Austin hospital.But there is a story to tell first.

I woke up this morning in the worst pain I have ever experienced.It was as if someone had put a royal fucking on the right side of my face. I went on in to work but quickly figured out I was no good...I woke up my foreman (who was sleeping in his truck) and showed him my swollen face then drove to my doctor's office.
The place was fucking packed to the gills with all manner of emergency room weirdos and I bailed...I had my camera with me for some reason...don't ask why...I was delusional.
Anyway...I digress...
My doctors office was closed in "observance of the holiday"...don't get fucking sick or injured on Christmas because you are fucked if you do.
So I went to this walk in clinic and only after I had spent an hour filling out forms they told me they couldn't help me unless I paid up front because they were unable to verify my insurance...because my insurance office was CLOSED "in observance of motherfucking Christmas"
I thought there was a war on Christmas or something...So I am hungry and i go to Maudies for the gringo breakfast and some margs (purely medicinal) and I didn't think I would see anyone I knew...I walk in and there's Michelle and Carry...old friends from the old Maudies!
After, I went to Waterloo and bought the Band of Horses's all about distraction man...
So in desperation I go to one of my friends house who is a pill head thinking I could get some vicodan to kill the pain until I could see my doctor on Monday, but he wasn't home.
So I called another friend in the area who is a nurse and he gave me some pills...but they expired in 2005.This is not going well.
So I got a call from my friend Rusty and told him my tale.He was all "all they are gonna give you is amoxicillin and I have some, come on out and I'll make some calls to find some pain pills.Turns out it was penicillin and I can't take that shit.
So I spent the afternoon out at his place and let me tell was awesome.even though I was in pain I was in the presence of a very good friend and later, my other buddy Jeb came out and it was all good for a while.
There were all these people trying to take care of me and that felt really good.I always knew Rusty was a good friend but today I learned what high regard he has for me for circumstances I won't go into now...let's just say we are very close friends and very much kindred spirits.That's him with the Satan eyes :P
So I get home and it gets worse and I go to the emergency room. A fucking waste of my time...I was in so much pain I was crying fucking blood tears.Annabelle went to her Mom's and got me some Darvocet.It's working...thank jeebus.
I am feeling a bit better as a result and I know she was worried about me.
So really the best medicine I had today was my honey and my friends rallying around me in my time of need. I'm a very lucky man.
Not exactly a "I sold my watch to buy you this brush for your long, luxurious hair-I sold my long luxurious hair to buy you a fob and chain for your watch" story but it comes close I think.
But that could be the Darvo talking...

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