Saturday, December 13, 2008


I got up and took Annabelle to work this morning so I could get her car inspected.I changed the wiper blades and a driving light lens so it would pass.One small problem,you have to have proof of insurance to get an inspection and we don't have a current card (we have insurance...just not a card that proves it).Our printer is on the fritz, so I can't print a new one (our insurance is online).Ann said she would "email me instructions" from work...well , it's almost 3 hours into the day and no instructions.
I could be laying in bed with the dogs watching shitty TV but instead I'm waiting for instructions.
I've got somewhere I need to be later this morning - electrical work - that I'm not looking forward to , but it's a commitment and I gotta...this shit is holding me up.
But I got Levon Helm playing my soundtrack for the day and that somehow makes it all OK.
But come on now...


I took matters in my own hands and called E-surance and had them e-mail me current cards,called my buddy Al and went to his house (less than 2 miles away) and printed them then, after a nice visit went a mile down the road and got the car inspected.Man , what a fucking ordeal that was like going to the doctor for a complete physical.
Of course I had the beenz with me and the dude doing the inspection was terrified of her- what a pussy.
But the car passed.
And the urgency that was the ticket Annabelle got last week for expired get the discounted fine you have to take care of the shit before your appearance date on the ticket.The last ticket i got it was 12 days from citation.
I looked at the ticket when I got home and the appearance date? January 6 , 2009...that's right,I busted my ass for nothing - but it's done.
Needless to say,I shined on my other thing until tomorrow...all I want to do now is play my acoustic and sing to Theo.

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