Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We have a phenomena in this house...every time either one of us empties the ice trays one cube leaps out and kills itself on the kitchen floor.Without fail,every time.
Part of the dues I pay to my union include a death benefit payment.Basically , every time a member dies you pay $7.50. The surviving family gets a fat check. Apparently,they are having such a hard time collecting on these payments they are starting to print the names of members who are more than 3 death benefits behind in the monthly newsletter - kind of like how papers print the names of people busted for DUI or solicitation of prostitution. They are going the shame route...meh.I guess I'm gonna be in the newsletter if they start doing it before the January / February issue.
Christmas is right around the corner...in 51 or so hours the nightmare will be over for another year. I have done no shopping. I am not into it at all this year. There are scheduling problems with the kids and it's looking like we will do the gift thing with them in early January. I won't come out and say I hate this time of year , but I could do without it - except for the kids.
And finally...here's the display of unresolved childhood Christmas issues currently blazing across the street...
For some reason , I keep thinking about my pellet gun...:)
My punk leather jacket...

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