Monday, December 15, 2008

4500.00 ????

I read an "article" (read blurb) at the news 8 website this evening with the headline "Mayor withdraws request to extend Ott's allowance " . Ott would be the new city manager for Austin , and the allowance referenced is a housing allowance. Seems he bought a home here in Austin , but has yet to sell his old one in Foat Wuth.
It's $4500.00 a month. That's fucking insane to me. Do you know what our monthly housing allowance is ? Well it sure in the fuck isn't 4500.00. Do you know what I could do with 4500.00 a month ? And you know the most fucked up thing about this is and I are paying for his short sightedness .
It seems to me you should sell your old house before you buy a new one. And if that doesn't work for you , live in a modest rental or an apartment until the old house sells. It's all about budgeting folks and the shitty, I mean city counsel is suppose to be all about budgeting . I wonder what other kinds of sideways bullshit logic is being played out at our expense ?
I sent an e-mail to the should do the same (be polite-I was...I know you're shocked... ).
You can do this by going to the city of Austin website and clicking on city counsel then the mayor , then send him an email.
That's $54,000.00 a year we are paying for an empty house in Fort Worth.
Is it deducted from his already ridiculous salary for coming up with ways to "increase revenue and cut expenses" (read eliminate jobs and fuck us out of even more of our money ).

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