Saturday, December 27, 2008


Once upon a time , about 31 years ago I had a partner in crime who happened to be a girl...we did all manner of crazy shit together and she was my best friend. I got to see her today after all those years.I can't tell you how much it means to me to reconnect with her and all the other people from my "back in the day" days I've found this year.It's been a truly magical year.


I was talking to my son the other day and he had been talking to my ex Debbie who lives in Ohio.They have stayed in touch over the years which is cool,but the relationship ended badly and i haven't talked to anybody from that side in years. He told me that debbie had had a rough year and that "somebody named Terry" had died.Well taht somebody was Debbie's sister in law and someone that I loved very much.
She left behind her husband Gary, who was my fishing buddy and three beautiful daughters,who are all grown up now,but I'm sure miss their mom.
Of the daughters Lindsay was my special one, all awkward arms and legs and freckles and red hair.We had a connection that was sadly lost when Debbie and I split up.I mourned that loss for years.And then to hear that terry had died.I had to call.
And we spoke for almost two was a healing thing for me and a chance to remember Terry and give her props.
The hits just keep on coming people...

From left: Steve (I think),Ashley,Gary,his Brother Mike (with bottle of beer)guy in bandanna???,guy in tye dye shirt???, sweet Lindsay and her mom, Terry.
May she rest in peace.
Oh,that's me pre tattoos, passed the fuck out from too much schnapps :).I'm glad they didn't have markers!

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