Sunday, December 28, 2008


There's a reason I don't take pills...and it's because I fucking love them.I forgot that's the reason I don't take pills.But I am taking some darvocet for pain management until I can see my doctor on Monday and all I can say is- wow...I'm fucking pilled out.
I mean here I am at 5 something in the morning drinking a giant gay ass coffee from 7-11 listening to Ween's the mollusk (amazing musical weirdness even if you aren't pilled out...have I mentioned that I'm...)
Fucking amazing...Irene is giving me strange looks.
LT is coming over today to help me out with my next PonyRide project...this one is all dirty guitars and fucked up lyrics...I've already done the cover art...check it out... I've slow roasted some carnitas for the occasion and there's holiday shiner beer and of course the wad-ka.:).
I'm very excited about this project and if I play my cards right I'll be posting at you tube tonight...
When I was out at Rusty's place the other day, he played me some Ween and Flaming lips...So yesterday I used the rest of my Christmas money and scored the mollusk by Ween and Clouds taste metallic by The Flaming lips...Rusty and I have an affinity for lyrics in common...and these bands are word smart in my opinion.
Anyway...blah blah blah...enjoy your Sunday , it is Sunday-right?

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