Thursday, December 11, 2008


I was gonna take my camera to work with me yesterday to document the monumental 2 1/2 "
pipe run from hell,but I forgot it.Ann was kind enough to bring it to me at morning break and it turned out the batteries were so drained it wouldn't take any more than two pictures and then crapped out.
I put new batteries in it and took it today...I had the camera , but the memory card was at home in my desk top...Dammit!
But tonight camera and card are reunited and tomorrow there will be pictures.
The other thing that happened was I lost my knife's a Kershaw and totally bad ass.
It looks like this but the handle is a brushed black and gray camo thing.
I had it in my bib pocket of my overalls and I'm sure I bent over and it fell out and i just didn't notice...until I got home.I went back to the site and searched high and luck.Now what makes this knife special is not because it's a Kershaw , it's because I got it from my friend and mentor Rusty.I was seriously bummed.Add to this the fact that it had been lost to me a couple of times before but somehow managed to find it's way home only adds to the mystique.
So today I put the word out...thinking that it was a lost cause,and it was until about an hour before quitting time. Against all hope I was looking in the basement for it and these pipe fitters asked me what I was doing...I said i was looking for my knife and described it to them and continued looking. A minute later one of them said "man,I can't have you looking for something I have".He found it!!!! He's returning it to me tomorrow.He mentioned something about a six pack reward...hell yes I said, what do you drink ? He said the red , white , and I got him a sixer of bud.
Decent people...they're still around.
Have a good Friday!

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