Sunday, December 28, 2008


I went to wal*mart and bought CO2 cartridges and pellets for my long lost pistol that Ann found buried in the pantry the other day...then I shot it several times at a variety of objects in the front yard.The police have not shown up yet...
I compared the arc of a stick of sandalwood incense to the arc of my erect penis out loud.It's funny how being pilled out makes everything you think come out of your mouth.
I suggested to Ann that we hop on a plane and go to India and get slurpies.
I've said nigger a lot.
Lt will be here soon to begin (and hopefully finish) the new PonyRide project.
here's some more cover art...
I said mao pa doodle flow padoodle kitty kitty cow cow in memory of a grafitti on the stoner picnic table at my high school.
I said I would drink the ass sweat of Milla Jovovich and ask for seconds.
It's gonna be an interesting session :P.

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