Thursday, December 04, 2008


Back in the basement running pipe after the core drill blew up was awesome! It arced like crazy and shot flames out of the motor.
Today's highlights...hit my thumb with a hammer-hard-while driving a drop in anchor,There was a guy deburring some sewage pipes with a grinder about 2 feet back and to my left when a piece of hot metal flew off and hit me on the cheek, it startled me more than anything else, but it did smart.Sliced my left pinky open (minor) on the edge of a junction box and almost pulled myself off a 6 foot ladder fighting a pipe into the same junction box...lucky for me I anticipated this and positioned the ladder next to the storm drain pipes which broke the ladders fall, stopping mid way to the ground.
On the home front...the cold front has rendered Theo unable to get up on the bed...time for some doggie bed stairs.
I've really been enjoying my roaster...tonight I found a large sirloin on sale at the grocery (not fucking HEB...I can hold a grudge) and did it with baked potatoes.
A little savory seasoning and pepper is all.

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