Friday, December 19, 2008


I got a call from my brother Bill this evening , I missed it , but I called him on my way to the store. We shot the breeze for a few and when I was in the store he told me the reason for his call. His beloved Patches had passed from the doggie mortal coil. Same age as Theo...damn. So there I am in the meat section choking back tears. Bummer for Billy boy...he loved that dog and Patches loved him.
So I decided on the way home I should do a song...but it should be different and special...and dirge-y.The six string wouldn't do.
I busted out the bass and the flange pedal...I don't mess with the bass hardly ever , but here it is...
This is for you Bill...may Patches rest in peace until you see him again.
Thanks for making me cry in public :).I will place Patches in the book of names with all those who passed before him. He's in good company.

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