Friday, December 05, 2008


Poor old Theo,he couldn't even manage to get up on the bed last night.So we fired up one of the heaters by his other bed and he has barely moved since...

Soaking up the warmth...
What follows is kind of embarrassing - but highly amusing (had it happened to someone else)...
I was down in the basement this morning when the coffee kicked in...I made my way to the nearest outhouse and, what a surprise-the wetbacks had taken the toilet paper again.So I do the lockstep pinched shuffle to the next nearest one and by the time I got there whether or not there was paper was no longer a priority.Avoiding an accident was.Well,I managed to avoid the accident but there was (big surprise) no paper.As I sat and pondered my options I realized two things...I was wearing an old pair of boxers and I had a knife.So I cut the boxers off my body,used it for hygiene purposes and free balled it for the rest of the day.Imagine the perplexed look of the next occupant gazing at a pair of mutilated flaming red and yellow dragon boxer shorts in the bowl.
The funniest thing is I was sharing my experience with some of the crew (we're open like that) and this journeyman said "let me cut off your underwear and used that".
Credit card receipts from your wallet are also an option.

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