Monday, November 10, 2003

I finally got to see Road to Perdition, and while I enjoyed the bummed me out.There were so many overfolds from other movies I had a hard time staying morose. For example, when Tom Hank's character is bent over his plate of food at the diner and Jude Law's character is watching him I kept imagining Tom was talking to "Wilson" from "Cast Away", ( who was conviently out of camera range -on the table...where the PLATE should be!)asking for advice...Then there's the scene where Jude's character is photographing the stabbing victim...who's not dead,so jude kills him and then takes the picture ...I kept flashing on Jude's portrayal of the russian hero sniper...who kills the fuck out of alot of nazi assholes in a very hero like fashion in "enemy at the gate"....Then there's the part at the end that conjured up visions of Hanks ,mortally wounded,firing his side arm at that tank in "Saving Pvt.Ryan" like a retard...which reminded me of Hank's portrayal of the idiot savant retard country boy makes good in "Forrest Gump".
Thinking of Gump made me think of Gary Sinese who for some strange reason makes me think of Tom Sizemore,who was in "Saving Pvt. Ryan" with Hanks, but is now in Jail for abusing Hiedi Fleiss,an ignorant slut...which reminds me of Jane Curtain on Saturday Night Live,which Tom Hanks has hosted many times,frequently playing a retard of some sort which reminds me of that sitcom he was in way back in the day "Busom Buddies" and then he made the movie that launched him "Big".And that made me realize something more important...
WHY do I know ALL this useless shit?

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