Thursday, November 06, 2003

I haven't drank enough coffee yet but...
Frustrated by my early bedtime these days, I've decided to start blogging straight out of bed. This is probably a mistake, but I've got a spell checker handy so I'll give it a go even though it will likely take me hours to compose a few coherent paragraphs.

I've been out and about the last two afternoons running a variety of ill-fated errands. Ill-fated in the sense that most errands were not completed. I needed to make copies of something before I mailed it, but the copy machine at the post office was broken. I went to another post office, but it had no copy machine at all. A trip to a nearby store with a copy machine found me scrambling in my purse for change to pay for the copies and returning my other items to the shelves because their credit card machine went down. Not a big deal, I had time to get to the next place by 4:00 pm, but then my car was trapped in the parking lot by a delivery truck for 20 minutes. I still had minutes to spare as I pulled into the lot of the next location only to lose those minutes looking for parking. No parking, the clock ticked down and I decided fate was against me and went to Maudies for a beer instead of running any more errands. Much better to be sipping a cold beer at Maudies than driving around in rush hour traffic anyway. Yesterday was a rinse and repeat experience of traffic delays, parking problems and stores without the expected items on their shelves. I have decided that the best thing about not having a job is that I don't have to drive to some place and back every day and deal with the mess that is Austin traffic. I will, however, have to face this again should I ever get that elusive job. It seems these days that all the jobs are either in Round Rock or some other place that is an hour's commute away and pay about what it would cost me in gas and therapy bills to drive that far. Rob's increasingly frustrated with being poor so I suppose I will start sending applications in that direction as well. As far as I'm concerned, no amount of salary could ever adequately compensate for a drive to Round Rock, but if it means keeping the lights on... well... okay.

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