Saturday, August 04, 2007


I took a closer look at the headlines posted from CNN and realized it was Ving Rhames dogs that mauled that guy to death and not Ving.I'm sure he's capable of mauling someone to death,and I'm still glad I'm not him.
Or the guy that got mauled to death,for that matter.
What,exactly,does mauled mean anyway?A quick trip to m-w dot com gave me this:
Main Entry: maul
Function: transitive verb
2 : MANGLE 1
3 : to handle roughly

OK...I think in the case of 4 bull mastiffs,definition 2 fits the bill perfectly.
transitive verb indeed.
Here's a list of banned/restricted dog breeds from the responsible dog owners of the western states website:
Banned or restricted breeds )(link is working now,click on menu to left side of their page for the list)
While they don't explain why these breeds are banned and/or restricted,they appear to promote responsible ownership regardless of breed which I agree with completely.
For example,Irene is a people friendly social dog and is treated accordingly.She's not so good with other dogs and we have provisions for that.Theo,on the other hand,is a grumpy old bastard who loves me and Ann and Irene and is very protective otherwise.His social activity is far more limited and controlled as a result.
Mastiffs fall to #27 on this list,and one can infer from this (rather fuzzily)that they are not so prone to mauling as say the pit bull or the Akbash
So,anyway,my point (and question) is:
What would you do if you were a victim (directly or otherwise)of a dog attack?
Does breed even matter?

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