Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I've been so busy treading water lately that I just haven't had the energy to post. Here's a little capsule version of whats been happening.

Bad news: Ann and I have both had our hours cut at work. While a temporary condition, it's been going on long enough to create a pretty dire $$$ situation.
Good news: At least we're working.

Bad news: I went without meds for 5 days.
Good news: Between recycling and a trip to the pawn shop, I managed to drum up enough cash to get them and have enough $$$ to eat and get back and forth to work.I did'nt have a stroke...woo hoo!

Bad news: The city left a cut notice on our door for our electricity.
Good news: They didn't cut it off w/o notice, and in general, won't if you call and explain the situation.

Bad news: I had to pawn one of my guitars.
Good news: It was a cheap one that I think I played a half dozen times since I bought it ( with windfall money ) in 1999. So, all things considered, not such a bad thing. Except...
I watched my Dad pawn guns and cameras the whole time he was in college. Most of the time, he got them back. But sometimes money was so tight, he would lose a gun or camera
to the shop. When that happened he would be so bummed, disguised by the look of resignation on his face that was suppose to say " that's the way it goes sometimes" but really just said a sad muttered "fuck". I promised myself I would never pawn anything.Looks like I can strike that one off my list of bridges never to cross.(mutters fuck sadly)

Good news: Kyle and Brandy are going to have a boy! There is no bad side to this...even if they were having a girl.

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, and so far - so good. Ann thanked me this morning for working with her and helping out, and while I appreciate that (and the fact that she and her ex husband had terrible rows over the lack of money ) I firmly believe that we are in this thing together...the marriage thing, the partnership thing, crisis or not. Arguing about a fact that arguing won't change is a huge waste of energy. It's simple...we's po'. And only by sticking together will we dig out. Recriminations are just stupid. We're both doing the best we can, and we need each other more than ever. Sure, I miss the salad days. I'm sure Ann does too, and beating each other over the head and heart with our former salaries is hurtfull and pointless. We are lucky to have each other and we know it.
And that's really good news.

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