Thursday, June 18, 2009


A friend of mine told me years ago that his mom would make chili cheese dogs in the oven...

It's been so hot these last couple of days that I am just drained when I get home and the thought of throwing together something so easy was appealing to me , plus , we really like chili cheese dogs.


How hot you ask ? A steady stream of sweat running off the brim off my cap for most of the day - or to be blunt , hot like 2 rats fucking inside a wool sock in August.
Speaking of rats...I found a dead one in a skimmer yesterday. I initially thought it was a baby possum and felt sad for it until I realized it was a rat and then I was like...awesome! Another dead fucking rat. There can never be enough dead rats as far as I'm concerned.
I got it out of the skimmer with the end of my brush and tried to carry it away by it's tail , but the skin came off and all I was left with was rat tail skin between my thumb and index finger...eeewwww.
Bon Appetite'...

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