Monday, June 08, 2009

Layla : "Zilker Park really rules
"! Irene: "Shut up bitch"...
Ping Pong!

I found the grounds crew graveyard tonight...some really interesting stuff in the middle of a clearing , in the middle of the woods...
On my way home ( driving on Bluebonnet ) I got a really strong karma vibe and realized I was headed to Mark's old place - in a pool truck - like I had done so many times before. It's funny how memories stay with you...this is a good one.
I'm not a fan of most of the bicyclists in Austin...they are generally shitty arrogant people...but this dude adds to the mix with a chinese character tattoo on his calf...I'm not fluent in chinese , but I think this translates to "dick head".

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