Friday, June 05, 2009


I arrive at one of my regular stops yesterday , and I'm 10 minutes into the service and the Mrs. of the house comes into the back yard announcing "Why are you here" ?! I respond , "You are a regular Thursday stop". She responds with . " Oh the office always forgets , the landscapers are coming today and I told them to have you come tomorrow". So I left. I called the shop and there was no record of this woman calling anyone.
Flash forward to my revisit today...the yard looked exactly the same...there were some issues with the equipment I needed to discuss with the owner and the husband came out to meet me and was dismayed that there was a problem because they "were having a party in about 2 hours ".Oh...a party...
Really? Really? You do the math...
For those of you that suck at math...this woman lied to me so I would clean the pool right before the party . I despise conniving like this . Had she asked me to come clean the pool on Friday instead of Thursday because they were having an event on Friday evening I would have gladly accommodated them . I did them up good anyway and even did a temporary fix on the problem to get them through the weekend.
This woman is a snake to me now and I will never trust a word that comes out of her mouth. I will continue to clean her pool well and smile and be polite.
Two 12 hour plus days in a row. The only thing that got to me was the heat , and that was late in the day. I just stayed hydrated and focused. And I finally made it home.
But not for long...I chilled for a bit and then showered the stench of chlorine and dead insects and the itch of diatomaceous earth off of me and headed out to fetch cigarettes and groceries. Then I made homemade pizza with vodka sauce , Elgin hot sausage , black olive and onion with moose-a-rilla cheese.
My bulk collection begins June 8...the city will pick up my old furniture and fridge and a whole bunch of other bulky stuff . But it may take a week for them to pick it up. ( Time for the retired lawnmower repairmen to pick over it :) ).
I guess I'm clearing the carport this weekend.

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